Angelica Reeve

Senior Physiotherapist
MSc PT, BSc (Hons) PT MACP

Since qualifying as a chartered physiotherapist nearly in 1998, Angelica has gained vast experience in treating musculoskeletal and neurological injuries in both adults and children. She has worked in some of the UK’s leading hospitals as well as specialist private clinics.

In 2006 she gained a Masters degree from University College London in Advanced Physiotherapy and achieved her MACP status, making her a specialist in Neuro/Orthopaedic physiotherapy. She has a publication on posture in Manual Therapy, a top physiotherapy journal. In addition, she has completed a diploma in Spacial Dynamics, which is a five year specialist movement training in the USA. She has specialised in TMD/TMJ (jaw physiotherapy) and presented at the Vancouver 2012 Soft Tissue Injury conference on TMD/TMJ disorders for doctors and lawyers.

Apart from a special interest in TMD/TMJ physiotherapy, she also has an interest in vestibular (dizziness) related problems. She has a particular interest in helping clients achieve ideal and stress free movement patterns and posture in relation to sport, dance and every day activities, such as lifting, and sitting at the computer. This helps achieve full pain free movement, optimum function and can help prevent reoccurrence of injury.