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biodynamic craniosacral therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


Movement is most often habitual. Usually we are not aware of the impulse instigating the initiation of movement. Is movement driven by our physical needs or our thoughts or our emotions? What is the intention behind our posture? When we become aware of where our movement is initiated, then we have choice and can move in freedom.

Feldenkrais takes place with a therapist either one on one, or in a group setting. The work inspires the discovery of movement patterns through exploration in a variety of positions appropriate to a particular movement pattern. Through rhythmical repetitive movement we become aware of the ease or tension revealed within our movement and of the opportunity to question that which lies behind it.

spacial dynamics

Spacial Dynamics is the internationally registered name for a unique spatial approach to posture and movement and a growing body of spatially orientated movement exercises. Spacial Dynamics is a form of movement therapy, which helps to re-educate posture, spatial awareness, balance and retrain movement dysfunction. It also consists of gentle body work to help learn correct movement patterns and let go of dysfunctional patterns. It has been developed by Jaimen McMillan over 30 years of intensive study, teaching adults and children in the USA, Europe and more recently Canada and is a recognized therapy by ISMETA.

therapeutic touch

Therapeutic Touch was developed by Dora Kunz and Delores Kreigger in 1972. It is a contemporary healing modality which is taught world wide in many educational and medical settings. Research has shown that Therapeutic Touch has been used to decrease pain, to decrease anxiety and enhance relaxation. It has been successfully used in: treating acute and chronic conditions, decreasing healing time in post-operative conditions including fractures, decreasing anxiety in stress related disorders, helping relieve breathing difficulties with respiratory conditions, helping assist mothers in giving birth and has been helpful in assisting in the transition of those who are palliative.